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What is Qi?

What is QI? - Chinese medicine is an ancient, complex network of principles designed to restore, maintain health and promote wellness. The principle of qi is one of the central to Chinese Medicine and the practice of acupuncture. The Japanese call it Ki (pronounced ‘kee’) as in Reiki or Aikido .

Within the natural environment, qi comes in many forms. It comprises all things and exists everywhere, even in the air. It is the energy that brings matter together, holds it together and breaks it apart. Qi creates or activates, motivates, moves and transforms all things. It is also that which keeps us alive and is sometimes translated as ‘life force’ energy.

As it pertains to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture this ‘life force’ energy is responsible for all posture and movement (voluntary and involuntary), mental functions, speaking, eating, body defense, proper digestion, circulation of blood, body temperature, holding the body together and the organs in place. All change within the body and all physiological functions depend on it. Life depends on it — just as it depends on water.

What is QI? -
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