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Tui Na

Tui Na - Tui Na, pronounced twee nah, is an ancient Chinese massage technique that dates back to 1700 B.C.E. and is the technique from which most Asian bodywork styles or techniques have developed. Tui Na (meaning ‘push pull or grasp’) is a wonderful compliment to acupuncture, herbs and Qigong. A practitioner stimulates selected acupuncture points with thumb, finger, knuckle, palm or hand pressure with the intention of moving or circulating qi to assist the healing process and to promote wellness.

One of Tui Na's advantages over other massage techniques is the practitioner’s ability to focus on specific problems, especially chronic pain associated with the muscles, joints, and skeletal system. It is especially effective for relieving joint pain (such as arthritis), sciatica, muscle spasms, and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. It can also help with chronic conditions such as insomnia, constipation, headaches (including migraines). In addition it can help to improve blood circulation and relieve tension associated with stress.
In a typical session at Harmony Healing Center, the patient will be fully clothed (although without shoes and socks). Each Tui Na session may be offered in 10 minute time increments up to 30 minutes and may be combined with acupuncture, herbs or Qigong. The effect is often described as soothing, relaxing and invigorating.

Tui Na -

Tui Na -
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